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Antonio, one of New York's most famous bachelorette party stripper for hire in New York

Hire Chanel, Long Island's most requested bachelor party stripper for hire
Hire Chanel and Kat, the ultimate bachelor party duo!

Strippers for Hire the Ultimate Guide

Hire strippers from a local New York female owned agency for an honest experience. We send real unfiltered pics of our Long Island strippers. Use this guide to plan a successful private party with the best exotic dancers near you!

Choose Your Favorite Exotic Dancers

Hire strippers with ease from a local female lead agency. We send pics of our exotic dancers for hire directly to you. Take a look at our gallery and choose your favorite NYC or Long Island strippers. We also have hot private strippers not featured on the website.

Choose an Exotic Entertainment Package

Most importantly, choose a private stripper package that’s the right fit for your crowd. For example, bachelor parties may opt for the diamond package, while birthday parties choose the fantasy package.

How to Choose the Right Strippers for Hire

With so many options, how do you know which exotic dancers for hire to choose? Especially with so many shady websites asking for a hefty deposit without sending photos.

Ultimately, the entertainers you choose will make or break your event. Successfully hire strippers near you by following these simple guidelines and check out our 2023 guide to booking private strippers for hire in NY.

  1. First and foremost, find local exotic agents by scrolling past ads to Google business listings and organic search. Given that anyone can place an ad, make sure you choose a company with a strong local presence. Most importantly, one with a local Google business profile where you can leave a review!
  2. Secondly, most photos of entertainers featured on websites are outdated. Also, we cannot stress this enough. Be sure to ask for clear and recent photos of your favorite private strippers for hire.
  3. Ask the approximate age of the dancers. While this may sound crude, avoid age-inappropriate dancers for your crowd. Again, ask for clear non-professional photos without heavy filters.
  4. Finally, establish a rapport with the agent! Make sure they are responsive to your inquiries. Most importantly, make sure you have a clear understanding of who is actually going to show up to your private party.

Additional Tips

Time needed: 2 hours.

Tips for choosing the right strippers for hire

  1. Hire strippers from a local Long Island agent

    Most importantly, local agents know who is hot, and who is not. In addition, local agents depend solely on their local reputation and provide superior service.

  2. Choose a female owned agent when possible

    It’s easy to imagine there’s quite a bit of nefarious activity in the private stripper business. Even the highest ranking agent on google with a perfect rating can be taking advantage of their performers.

  3. Beware of cheap rates

    Found an agent with cheap rates? RUN! Either you’re just paying to get the dancers in the door and NOTHING is included (a very common scam), or the girls are not compensated and arrive with a surprise “bouncer.”

  4. ALWAYS ask for several non-professional photos

    Because of the nefarious tactics and fake pic tricks associated with the industry, it’s VERY important to ask for several unfiltered photos of your chosen strippers for hire.

  5. Ask what is included in your package

    It’s also important to know what is included in the price of your entertainment and what works off of tips. In addition, find out how long your exotic dancers will be there.

  6. Prepare for your private strippers performance!

    Most importantly, get singles! In addition, designate a private area for your dancers to perform.

Do Your Research When Hiring Strippers

Most importantly, do your research when shopping for exotic entertainment in Long Island and the NYC Tri-state area.

Again, make sure you ask for clear and recent photos of your chosen strippers for hire. Next, ask what is included in your booking. For example, does the price include a 2-girl show or any games, activities, etc.

Finally, make sure to ask if the dancers are monetarily compensated for their time or if work solely off of tips.

Hire strippers like Kat to your house or private venue in Long Island and the NYC Tri-state area.

Our entertainers are beyond hot, highly skilled, and compensated well for their time. As a result, they thoroughly love working for us. Naturally, it shows in their attitude and performance. As a local agent, run for and by upscale female dancers, we offer a unique bachelor party experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Best of all, we are an intimate group of independent, empowered male and female exotic entertainers who love to dance and perform. As a result, your bachelor or private party vibes are always right.

With this in mind, we are able to offer a largely superior experience you won’t get from any other agent. In conclusion, you get the ultimate highly personalized and customized performance with the perfect bachelor party strippers for hire. We guarantee you’ll be back for more!

Hire strippers from a female led company built by dancers, for dancers. As a rule, we keep our exotic entertainers happy. For this reason, they are always excited to perform for you.

Also, we hire a select few private dancers and send recent candid photos of our private strippers directly to you. Again, the goal is to avoid bait and switch tactics common to the exotic entertainment industry.

For example, nation-wide agents consistently book 50 year-old dancers with dated and airbrushed photos. Or, unpaid dancers who travel with a surprise “bouncer” to hawk all monetary transactions. Needless to say, it is always preferable use a female led company when booking private strippers.

Whether you’re looking for bachelor party strippers, bachelorette party strippers, or simply want to take your party to the next level, our exotic dancers will provide you with the experience of a lifetime in exotic entertainment.

What to Expect from Your Private Strippers for Hire

First of all, congratulations on finding the perfect exotic entertainment for your special event. By all means, you’ve come to the right place to book the most incredible strippers for hire for your party.

You’ll see how hiring private dancers with us is an experience you will want to repeat many times over. Our private dancers work hard to provide a special, unforgettable encounter for you and your guests.

As a result, expect a wild and fun night with entertainers who are able to really have fun with you as well as make your crowd go wild.

Bachelor Party Hazings

Above all, our goal is to provide private dancers that are not only gorgeous and fun, but are not afraid to beat your bachelor’s bare booty. Also, we like to walk him like a dog, along with various other humiliation tactics. Naturally, we only hire strippers who are up for the job!

It’s important to hire exotic dancers that are the perfect fit for your unique crowd. For this reason, we ask questions to get a feel for your personality and preferences. With this in mind, we help match you with the perfect private strippers for your unique crowd.

Therefore, you can always expect beautiful, enthusiastic, independent dancers you and your friends can have a great time with.

Thanks to our talented long Island strippers we receive a lot of local repeat business and referrals. Likewise, we are confident you will become a frequent customer as well upon meeting our lovely entertainers. Finally, make long lasting relationships with our clients.

Choreographed Interactive Exotic Dance Show

Without a doubt, you and your private party guests will love our dynamic choreographed dance routine. With that in mind, your entertainers will discuss different performance options with you upon arrival. Therefore, you can customize the show to your preference. Book a custom strip show beyond your wildest dreams.

Also, make sure to prepare for your private strippers. First, designate a space with plenty of seating and floor space for your strip show. Second, set the lighting and ambiance for the perfect strip club vibe. Next, grab a blanket thick enough for the dancers to perform floor tricks. Finally, set a playlist with all of your favorite party or strip club music. Of course, our exotic dancers for hire are always prepared to make any party come to life.

As always, we refrain from nefarious tactics common to the business. For example, booking performers over forty, sending surprise “bouncers” and exploited dancers who are unpaid. On the contrary, we compensate our strippers for hire generously. Thus, you get what you pay for.

Hire Private Strippers for Any NY Occasion

Reasons for hiring strippers include, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Divorce Parties
  • Guy’s Night
  • Ladies Night
  • House Parties
  • Birthday Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Fishing Charters
  • Corporate Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Just for FUN

Our exotic dancers for hire travel from the Hamptons and Montauk of Long Island to the NYC tri-state area. Including, all five boroughs of New York. In addition, we cover parts of Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut.

  • NYC
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Long Island
  • Nassau County
  • Long Beach
  • Uniondale
  • Great Neck
  • Glen Cove
  • Mineola
  • Carle Place
  • Franklin Square
  • Floral Park
  • New Hyde Park
  • Garden City
  • Oyster Bay
  • Jericho
  • Syosset
  • Manhasset
  • Smithtown
  • Quogue
  • Westhampton
  • Hampton Bays
  • East Hampton
  • Sag Harbor
  • Montauk
  • Amagansett
  • Suffolk County
  • Westchester
  • New Rochelle
  • Uptown
  • Midtown
  • Park Slope
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Astoria
  • East Village
  • West Village
  • Gramercy Park
  • Financial District
  • Lower East Side
  • Uppers East Side
  • Chelsea
  • Manhattan
  • Williamsburg
  • Dumbo
  • Upper Manhattan
  • Lower Manhattan
  • Much More

Hire Strippers for Shy Bachelors

Most of all, we pride ourselves on our honesty. Subsequently, there will be no misleading photos or surprises when it comes to hiring our bachelor party strippers. With this in mind, enjoy a NY bachelor party experience you won’t find anywhere else. Guarantee our strippers for hire will get even the most reluctant bachelor to participate!

In addition, our bachelor party strippers for hire can dress in costumes upon request. Again, there are many ways to customize your experience. Therefore, let our staff know your expectations.

Of course, repeat business is a top factor for us as a company exclusive to New York. That being said, many customers hire our exotic dancers on a regular basis! Especially for their future bachelor parties. In contrast to the clubs, our private strippers build lasting relationships with customers.

Hire Two Strippers for Bachelor Parties

Our Diamond bachelor party stripper package is designed specifically for bachelor parties. For bachelor parties with 15 or more guests consider adding a third exotic dancer.

Our bachelor party strip shows feature activities that require 2 girls to execute. Also, our private strippers only travel in pairs for safety.

Additional Tips

Also noteworthy, a private house is the optimal location for hosting private bachelor party with strippers for hire. However, our exotic entertainers will heat up any party situation. From a limo ride to the smallest NYC apartment, no venue is too challenging for our performers.

When planning a Long Island or NYC bachelor party make sure you allow yourself plenty of time with your female strippers for hire.

Overall, we’ve been in many situations where guys plan a dinner, or to go out, only to cancel their plans when they see our Long Island strippers! Therefore, it is advised to keep all plans tentative until you meet our amazing entertainers.

Also noteworthy, if you’re going on an early fishing book on an alternate night, or request an early time slot so you’re not too tired.

Experience a whole new world of exotic entertainment with our gorgeous Long Island strippers for hire.

Most of all, be confident in your decision to avoid bait and switch by booking Long Island strippers for hire with us. Furthermore, our exotic dancers are fun and enjoy entertaining!

Indeed, you’ll want to spend ample time with our private dancers. Often times guys plan exotic entertainment in a small time slot based around going out.

Naturally, once they see our New York strippers are even hotter in person than in the photos they cancel their plans for the evening to enjoy an epic night with our gorgeous private strippers for hire.

Call or Text (631) 480-6044 for fastest response

Male Strippers for Hire

By the same token, hire our male strippers to make your bachelorette party a smash hit to remember forever! For the hottest male strippers in NYC and Long Island be sure to book with us for the ultimate experience in New York exotic entertainment.

Design your dream bachelorette party in NYC or Long Island with our amazing private party strippers! Naturally, we specialize in the lovely East End of Long Island, New York. The Hamptons and Montauk has become one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the country. Therefore, let us help you coordinate and have the best night of your lives!

Bachelorette Party Strippers from NYC to Montauk

In addition to providing top notch Long Island male strippers for hire, we’re professionals at party planning and scheduling the unpredictable road conditions in the Hamptons.

With this in mind, please give your private strippers a thirty-minute window for arrival time to be safe. Unless a specific situation calls for a timed departure. For example, a party bus, or private room in a restaurant where you’re on a strict time schedule. In that case your Hamptons bachelorette party strippers will be prompt.

Hamptons bachelor parties are rare and utterly amazing. Best of all, they bring old friends together in a dream star-studded setting.

One of the greatest things about the Hamptons is each year ample fresh hot spots pop up all over the East End. So, there’s always plenty of new unique places and things to check out for a bachelor party or private get together.

Indeed, hiring the right exotic entertainment is essential to making your private party one to cherish for a lifetime! Easily hire private strippers anywhere in Long Island and have the time of your life.

Again, we send several unfiltered photos of our strippers for hire and pride ourselves on honesty in a exploitative industry. With that being said, read on for details on how we operate in contrast to our competitors.

Hire the Best Long Island Strippers Manhattan to Montauk

Without hesitation, reserve the top private strippers for hire in New York for your next bachelor party, bachelorette, or private event.

Not only do our exotic dancers for hire offer a stunning performance, but they have the looks and personality to keep your private party guests enthralled.

Hire professional male and female strippers with a company exclusive to New York and enjoy an honest personalized experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Customized Strip Shows

Naturally, there are countless reasons to hire strippers in Long Island. Customize your performance with our gorgeous exotic dancers. Hire strippers for Long Island bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and much more.

Indeed, you’ll want the most beautiful and talented exotic dancers for your private party. In accordance with our standards, we deliver the absolute best strippers Long Island has to offer or your money back!

In addition, we offer several Long Island bachelor party packages including Hamptons bachelor party and bachelorette party specials. Let our staff help choose the best Long Island package for you.

For instance, you may require a private party package that is appropriate for coed and office crowds. Or, you may want to get really wild with a 2-girl fantasy bachelor party package. Regardless of the circumstances, our exotic dancers for hire will make your night a special occasion to reminisce over for a lifetime.

Hire Private Strippers and Skip the Club

Without a doubt, hiring private strippers is a superior experience compared to strip clubs. However, finding the right exotic dancers for your private party is key. This creates an exciting and intimate VIP experience you won’t get at a strip club.

Consequently, you’ll want to repeat the experience over and over again. Of course, we do have clients that book our private strippers on a regular basis. In this case we offer a loyalty discount.

Furthermore, our Long Island strippers are the closest of friends. Thus, the vibe is always right with our beautiful private strippers. Naturally, a strong dynamic between entertainers vastly improves the atmosphere of your party. Even better, the 2-girl fantasy show is extra hot between close friends.

Above all, choose a locally based female owned and operated agent for all of your exotic entertainment needs. Ultimately, we look forward to making your auspicious event a memorable occasion.

Hire Female Strippers for Long Island Bachelor Parties

Bachelor and party cruises are tons of fun! Here’s a great guide to Hamptons bachelor party charter boats. Our strippers for hire can perform on the boat as well!

Check out this 2023 guide to Hamptons activities for bachelor parties on the east end. From local scenery and beaches, to nightlife and adult activities, Long Island has something for everyone!

For help choosing a location for your Hamptons bachelorette party, check out Curbed’s towns to visit in the Hamptons. Also, keep up with the Hamptons foodie scene with this New York Post’s guide to the hottest new restaurants on Long Island’s East End in 2023. 

Obviously auspicious occasions like bachelor parties don’t happen often. Thus, make the absolute most of your time together. Also, have the time of your life with New York’s hottest bachelor party strippers!

Moreover, we understand how important your bachelor party is to you and your guests. Not to mention, how much pressure is on you to find the perfect private strippers for hire. For that reason, we are here to help every step of the way.

Rent Strippers for Birthday Parties

Take your birthday party to the next level with hot strippers for hire. Enjoy your birthday spankings from our hot private dancers. Also, if you’re planning on hiring a stripper for a friend’s surprise birthday make sure the rest of your party guests are in on the secret. That way they’re prepared to participate.

We hire only the best exotic dancers, so you can rest assured your birthday girl or boy is in good hands. Of course, all of our strippers are beautiful, talented, reliable and professional. Most of all, we take great pride in our performance, and guarantee fun and happiness for you and your birthday party crowd.

Naturally, our Long Island strippers offer shows ranging from wild to tame. Therefore, customize your bachlor to suit your preferences. For example, request extra spankings for a naughty birthday boy and a sexy private lap dance.

Strippers for Couples

Best of all, our exotic dancers for hire are quite motivated and always take pride in their performance. Especially when it comes to spicing up the love life of daring couples. Need a little excitement to renew your romance? All things considered, hiring private strippers is a great and safe way to spice up your marriage!

Order Divorce Party Strippers

Likewise, divorce can be a cause for celebration as much as marriage! Regardless of your situation, we’ve got your covered with our hot strippers for hire to spice up your sausage-fest.

For example, you can hire strippers for an office retirement party, guys’ night, divorce party and more. Likewise, sometimes you just want to hire strippers for FUN. Whether you’re a small gathering or a large party, hiring private strippers is the ultimate way to make your New York divorce party sizzle!

(631) 480-6044

Prepare for Your Exotic Dancers for Hire

When throwing a party with private strippers, it helps to do some prep work.

First, check the lighting. The goal is to create a strip club atmosphere with a VIP room feel. Second, set up a “hot seat” for the bachelor or guest of honor. Also, grab a blanket the dancers can use for floor tricks. In addition, feel free to get singles in advance, or ask your private strippers for some. 

Second, make sure the girls or guys have ample room to perform. It also helps to ask the crowd to form a circle of chairs around your performers. Naturally, leaving them enough space to perform safely. Finally, get ready to be in the hot seat!

Tipping Your Long Island Strippers

Your sexy strippers will offer options for games that involve different levels of tipping to upgrade your experience. Furthermore, tipping is a way for everyone to get involved! Obviously, it makes the live performance more interactive.

Again, don’t forget to customize your event to best suit your unique crowd. Booking strippers for hire in Long Island offers a great opportunity to get creative. Especially with its beautiful great outdoors atmosphere.

Again, check out our latest guide for additional information and everything you need to know about booking strippers for hire in 2023.

As a rule, we are dedicated to honest business practices. Similarly, our staff is devoted to providing expert party planning, and delivering an unparalleled experience in exotic entertainment.

We promise perfection when booking our Long Island and NYC strippers for hire. Also, don’t forget to personalize your show with any costume requests, extra spankings, or inside jokes.

Choose a Comfortable Private Party Venue

Have the time of your life from the comfort of your own home or venue of choice with hot exotic entertainment. Overall, we promise you’ll prefer our private dancers to the strip club any day.

While private houses are always preferable, there are other options. For example, private rooms in restaurants and party buses. However, if booking a party bus make sure there’s a place the driver can park for a while. As you can imagine, it’s hard to dance in a moving vehicle.

In addition to the aforementioned, all special requests are honored within reason. Do you have a costume preference? Inside jokes or nicknames? Accordingly, our NY strippers for hire are always prepared to make your party unforgettable!

Why Choose Us?

As a local company, we meet our exotic dancers for hire in person and get to know them on a personal basis. In contrast to our competitors, we avoid hiring dancers who misrepresent themselves to nationwide agents by using 20 year-old airbrushed images. With that in mind, we also send clear, candid, unfiltered photos of our hot New York strippers for hire.

In addition, as a female owned company we compensate our talent generously. Therefore, they’re always happy to entertain.

Not only do nation wide agents pay next to nothing, they subcontract through third party dancers rather than contacting performers directly. Consequently, they pocket a steep commission and the dancers are less likely to go the extra mile in their performance.

Moreover, some agents don’t pay their female strippers at all. Generally speaking, this puts everyone in an awkward position. Not only do the dancers aggressively hound guests for tips, but also an undisclosed “bouncer” takes a cut.

All things considered, you will only find quality private strippers in NY with a local female operated company.

Always Choose Independent Strippers for Hire

Unlike many of our competitors, our exotic dancers for hire are independent and compensated well. We vet everyone in person and only hire the best!

Also, we guarantee our amazing strippers for hire will impress even the most reserved party guests. You know the type! Regardless, our professional party strippers will get everyone to participate.

Best of all, our local strippers have an extremely dynamic performance. Get ready to be pulled into a hot seat and have your body rocked! Our performers do not hold back when it comes to entertaining!

What’s Included In the Price

In contrast to our competitors we include a hazing, 2-girl show, and floor dances in the price of our performance. Therefore, you’re paying for more than just having them walk through the door.

For the most part, our exotic dancers start by enthusiastically greeting your guests. Next, they get your guest of honor in a “hot seat” and set up the room. Then, they disappear to get changed only to make a grand entrance before getting the party started with a big bang.

  • First, our exotic dancers “haze” the bachelor. This includes a plethora of painful and humiliating yet hilarious activities, such as the traditional spankings.
  • Second in the lineup is a variety of fun and sexy games, such as “boobie/booty ring toss” and “bobbing for bills.” This part of the show still focuses heavily on the bachelor, but allows for an interactive experience for the whole crowd.
  • The third part of the show is a real crowd favorite! Hot steamy 2-girl action, during which the bachelor gets to participate!
  • Last but not least, it’s time for private lap dances. Nude is always an option. In addition, you can opt for a heavenly 2-girl lapdance!

From New York City’s five boroughs to Montauk of Long Island, hire the hottest private strippers in the Tri-state area and enjoy a heavenly experience you’ll dream about forever.

Customized Performances

Even more, our strippers for hire bring lights, singles, toys, and more to add extra excitement to your event. Thus, you won’t have to worry about thing. As a result, just kick back and enjoy the show!

Meanwhile, peruse our site for more extensive information on hiring private entertainment. Pick your favorite strippers for hire from our photo gallery hot entertainers! Likewise, choose the best Long Island bachelor party stripper package for your bachelor party or event. Finally, contact Hamptons Strippers of New York for a more details.

In conclusion, hire strippers in NY with comfort and ease to make any party a smash hit. Above all, trust Hamptons Strippers with all of your exotic entertainment needs!

Games, Activities, and Hazing

Without a doubt, our exotic entertainers will take your party to the highest level with their sublime performance! In addition to hazing your guest of honor, enjoy bachelor party games and activities for the whole crowd!

Naturally, games and activities work off tips. While our dancers bring singles, we recommend getting your own. As well as higher denominations for ring toss and private dances.

Hire Strippers for Sporting Events

Again, we go above and beyond for Long Island and offer various catering services in addition to our usual party routine. Topless bartenders, fantasy football drafts…we will staff any party with the best professional entertainers.

As a rule, we customize every private party to best serve the needs of your unique crowd. After all, your event is a memory you and your beloved friends will treasure forever! Therefore, we treat every event as if it were our own.

Most of all, our NYC strippers enjoy mingling and creating special memories with our clients. In conclusion, allow us to make your party go down in history as the best private party EVER!

Contact us to book the best strippers for hire in NYC and Long Island, NY.

Strippers for Hire Near You NYC to the Hamptons

Our strippers for hire work exclusively for us in Long Island, NYC, and the Tri-state area. Because we pay and treat our exotic dancers well, they perform at their absolute best for you, and value your party above all others.

Again, it is of the utmost importance that you hire private strippers from a local agent. Obviously, a local agent will have a solid and genuine reputation, and local customer retention.

Customize Your Private Bachelor Party

In addition, we are able to focus solely on New York. Thus, creating a personalized and honest experience you won’t get with nationwide companies. With that in mind, we are here to help you create the exotic entertainment experience of a lifetime.

Kat exotic dancers for hire in the Hamptons Long Island and NYC area

Kat, pictured above, is one of our most talented exotic dancers for hire in New York. Book her with her a sexy partner for the hottest 2-girl fantasy strip show.

Hamptons Long Island Strippers

Easily book the perfect bachelor party strippers for your destination bachelor party. Trust Hamptons Strippers with all of your private party needs from Manhattan to Montauk!

We specialize in Hamptons bachelor and bachelorette parties. Certainly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by ordering our lovely exotic dancers for hire!

Bachelor parties don’t happen often. Of course, this is a special occasion and your time to bond with friends and unwind! That’s why it’s so important to hire strippers that will vibe with your crowd!

Strippers for Rent for All Occasions

You don’t need a special occasion to hire strippers! Sometimes you just want to throw a killer house party with exotic entertainment. If you’re renting a house make sure to take some precautions to ensure your party is a success.

When renting a house research its proximity to neighbors. These parties tend to get loud, and it’s very important to respect the locals while having the time of your life. For instance, you wouldn’t want the cops busting up your party on a noise complaint.

Check out airbnb for house rental suggestions in New York before booking your private exotic dancers. In addition, take advantage of our 2023 guide to planning a party with strippers for hire.

Bring the Strip Club to Your House

First and foremost, our exotic dancers come prepared with party lights, confetti, games, and more. or this reason, you and your guests feel like you’re at the private strip club of your dreams. For example, our exotic dancers set up a stage, lighting, seating and a VIP spot. As a result, you get the vibe of a small private club but more comfortable and intimate.

Of course, you can choose your own music. We encourage customers to do so, as they know the music preferences of their crowd. Just make sure it’s upbeat and appropriate to dance to. Likewise, our private strippers have playlists for every crowd.

Also, when setting up for your exotic dancers try to replicate the strip club environment to the best of your ability. Dim the lights, set up a hot seat and floor performance area for your exotic dancers.

Easily Book Strippers for Hire Strippers Near You

Our private NY strippers take special requests, tweak their show to the needs of your crowd, and offer suggestions on how to make your Long Island or NYC party an effortless success. Talk to our exotic dancers for hire upon arrival with any modifications or requests.

Our dancers will reach out in advance to coordinate and surprises. Just make sure to let the agent know, so they can convey it to your chosen strippers for hire.

Rent the Perfect Long Island Strippers for Hire

In comparison to wild parties, some customers prefer to enjoy a regular night out with our beautiful exotic entertainers. Therefore, we offer a reduced hourly rate. Regardless of the occasion, hire our strippers for rent to spice up your night!

In addition, check out our updated guide to hiring private strippers in 2023. Without a doubt, we guarantee to deliver the best strippers for hire from NYC to Long Island’s east end.

Call (631) 480-6044 

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