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Hire professional Long Island strippers for a private bachelor party or event. First, choose your favorite private exotic dancers from our Long Island photo gallery.

Are you searching for the sexiest Long Island strippers for hire for a private party? Above all, beautiful Long Island, New York is the perfect place to host a bachelor party with our elite group of private performers. With plenty of stunning venues, nightlife, and the most beautiful and talented exotic dancers for hire, you simply cannot go wrong with Hamptons Strippers of Long Island for your bachelor party or bachelorette.

Hire the Top Long Island Party Strippers for Your Event

We are proud to present you with the most experienced, beautiful, and talented exotic entertainers for private parties in Long Island, New York. Hamptons Strippers is a female-led company that hires only the very best exotic dancers in Long Island. For your benefit, we maintain a strict vetting process for all of our private party strippers. In addition, we compensate our dancers very well. Most importantly, we treat our clients and dancers with honesty and respect. As a result, they are wiling to go the extra mile for your party guests. In addition, special costume or entrance requests are honored. Therefore, book the best private exotic entertainment for your event with a local Long Island company you can trust.

Stunning Long Island Bachelor Party Entertainers

Above all, we pride ourselves on providing the exotic entertainment bachelor party experience of a lifetime. For bachelors, our talented performers have a plethora of fun activities. To begin with, the start out by “hazing” the guest of honor. This can get as wild as your crowd would like. From spankings, to beatings, to utterly hilarious humiliation. Next, our sexy Long Island strippers play a series of fun and sexy games centralized around the bachelor. Also noteworthy. the games are interactive and thrive on crowd participation. Finally, the dancers perform a sexy 2-girl show involving the bachelor. Also, we can’t forget the grand finale, private lap dances for all!

Dynamic Long Island Bachelorette Party Entertainment

Naturally, we offer something very special for our Long Island bachelorettes. Our talented and dedicated male exotic dancers love to entertain, and it shows. Some popular requests for bachelorette parties in Long Island include fake police noise complaints, limo rides, and any costume imaginable. Most male performers even pose for photo shoots after their routine. So, you leave with some digital memories to treasure for a lifetime. While planning in advance is always encouraged, we do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

Long Island Strippers for Parties

If you’re planning a bachelor party in Long Island with private strippers, be sure to do some research. Check out for house rentals in Long Island. Also, check out this great guide to bachelor party friendly activities in Long Island. Most importantly, we send real photos of our highly skilled performers. As a company, we understand how rare and important your special event is. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the absolute highest quality experience in private exotic entertainment. Prepare to have your mind blown by our extraordinary choreographed strip show! Enjoy the private bachelor party of a lifetime with our stellar performers.

Long Island Strippers

Long Island Strippers – Private Bachelor Party – Hamptons Strippers

Easily book private Long Island strippers for bachelor parties and events in the Long Island, New York. To being with, choose your favorite Long Island strippers for hire. Afterwards, call for additional photos and videos and reserve the top exotic entertainers for your Long Island event.

Long Island Party Strippers

You deserve the best exotic entertainment for your private Long Island bachelor party. In the meantime, here’s some more information on how to hire the best Long Island strippers. We are dedicated to providing the perfect exotic dancers for hire in Long Island and beyond.

As a rule, our Long Island performers dress in costumes according to your preference. Furthermore they bring spot and disco lights, music, games, toys and props. Hence, we guarantee the perfect Long Island bachelor party experience.

Also, our Long Island strippers perform a highly entertaining choreographed strip show for your bachelor or guest of honor. Naturally, you can tailor this performance to suit your personal fantasy. As well as those of your private or bachelor party guests.

Long Island Bachelors

Planning a bachelor party in Long Island with private strippers? In this case, we recommend you book two Long Island performers. Especially, for larger crowds. Likewise, you may consider booking three exotic dancers for bachelor parties of over twenty guests. Best of all, we offer two-girl and multi-girl fantasy shows. Of course, you will dream of fondly of their performance forever!

In the meantime, peruse our Long Island Hamptons bachelor party guide. Especially if you’re planning a bachelor party in the Hamptons. Including anywhere on the east end of Long Island.

While it may be true our exotic entertainment will be the highlight of your bachelorette or bachelor party, Long Island offers a plethora of other fun activities. With this in mind, check out this great 2019 Long Island bachelor party guide for the most current events in the Hamptons and Montauk . From private boat charters to pub crawls, to party buses and wine tours in beautiful Long Island, New York, there’s something for every Long Island bachelor.

Long Island Bachelorettes

Also useful, is Long Island Pub Crawl’s bachelor and bachelorette party packages offering wine tours, food tours, and lively activities all across Long Island. After all, what could be better than coming home to smoking hot private strippers after a day of touring Long Island’s phenomenal wine country.

By the way, count us in! Our Long Island strippers love wine tours. Therefore, have our lovely ladies or gentlemen accompany you on your guests on a boozy adventure. Above all, our private entertainers are classy and well-mannered. They make great inconspicuous party guests.

Best of all, our private dancers are REAL head-turners. Even when dressed conservatively. Besides, why not go all out on your destination bachelor or private party? Likewise, book your private entertainment around the clock, and go all out!

After a relaxing spa day, you can hit up one of the aforementioned wine tours. Or, visit one of Long Island’s many beautiful beaches. Particularly, if your bachelorette party in the Hamptons, or Long Island’s east end. Aside from booking the hottest Long Island strippers, there’s so much to do for fun in Long Island it’s easy to plan a fun-filled destination Long Island bachelorette party.

Exotic Entertainment for Long Island Parties

No matter the occasion, easily hire bachelor party exotic dancers to perform at your Long Island venue of choice. As well as anywhere in NYC. Perfect for birthday parties, divorce parties, and more than just bachelor parties. As a rule, we employ only the most amazing exotic dancers in Long Island.

Thus, easily book Long Island strippers for parties with Hamptons Strippers. First, have a gander at our photo gallery of strippers for hire in Long Island and the Hamptons.

Afterwards, check out our all inclusive guide to hiring private entertainment in the Hamptons and Montauk, or Long Island. Next, learn more about Hamptons Strippers. Finally, reserve your private party strippers.

The One and Only Hamptons Strippers of Long Island

Long Island is blessed with some of the world’s most stunning beaches, scenery, and nightlife. Therefore, it’s the perfect location for a destination bachelor party. Generally, bachelor and bachelorette parties in the Hamptons or Long Island last an entire weekend!

Also noteworthy, it’s much preferable to enjoy your bachelor party strip show in the comfort of your house. If you’re renting a house for the weekend be sure to plan your time wisely between soaking up the sun, fishing, partaking in the local Hamptons nightlife. In addition to enjoying an unforgettable exotic entertainment experience.

Tapped Enterprises has some great tours and activities for those planning a bachelor party in the Hamptons with private bachelor party performers. Including bus tours, brewery tours, pub crawls, and plenty of manly outdoor activities. Also, don’t forget to check out private charter boats. Including deep sea fishing trips off the coast of Montauk.

Adult Entertainment for Any Occasion

Looking for male Long Island strippers for a Hamptons bachelorette party? So then, call (631) 480-6044 for an epic destination bachelorette or bachelor party in Long Island. We promise you’ll be happy you chose Hamptons Strippers.

Planning a bachelor party in the Hamptons or Long Island can be tons of fun with little pressure. First of all, we recommend you host your private strippers at your house. Likewise, there are many amazing public venues to host a bachelor party in the Hamptons with private Long Island strippers. Make sure the venue has a private room when booking outside of a Long Island residence.

Secondly, while surprising the bachelor or bachelorette is a great idea, it’s advisable to prepare your party for your exotic dancers. Hence, they’ll be ready for an otherworldly experience.

Hire the Top Long Island Strippers

Call (631) 480-6044

Again, choose your favorite Long Island strippers. Next, customize your private party with the right rate and package for your Long Island bachelor party. Finally, easily reserve the hottest Long Island performers with Hamptons Strippers. Most of all, don’t be fooled by our clever imitators. Lastly, we are the original female-led Hamptons Strippers of Long Island. As a rule, we maintain the highest standards in the entertainment industry.

Exotic Dancers for Hire Strippers for Hire

Exotic Dancers for Hire: NYC to Montauk – Hamptons Strippers

Professional New York Exotic Dancers for Hire

First and foremost, book the top exotic dancers for hire in New York for private bachelor parties and more from NYC to the Hamptons and Montauk, Long Island. Thus, take your party to the highest level with our amazing male and female exotic dancers for hire. Furthermore, always choose a local agent when booking private New York strippers. More importantly, ALWAYS ask for additional recent photos of your chosen exotic dancers for hire .

Call/Text (631) 480-6044

In light of the winter season and high demand from our loyal clients, our exotic dancers for hire now service all NYC’s five boroughs, and the entire tri-state area.

To begin with, take a look at our photo gallery of private strippers for hire. Then, choose the best entertainers for your New York bachelor party or event. Finally, book with a reputable local company. In the meantime, look through some of Long Island’s greatest bachelor party guides. For example, this annually updated voter-generated list of Long Island bachelor party venues.

By the same token, enjoy our very own Hamptons bachelor party guide. Also, be sure to check out our informative guide to booking and preparing for private strippers for hire.

CALL/TEXT (631) 480-6044

Exotic Dancers for Hire in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Best of all, the holiday season is booming in New York. Hence, we are ready for hot action all season! Therefore, plan your private holiday party with our hot private party strippers and New York bachelor party guides. Furthermore, easily book the top private exotic dancers for parties in the New York area. Both male and female New York strippers for all private parties and occassions! All locations within NYC limits included.

Furthermore, check out our bachelor party guide to the Hamptons and Montauk for current information on Hamptons night life. Also, take a look at our tips and what to expect from your New York strippers and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

New York Bachelor Party Strippers

Book male and female exotic dancers to perform at your preferred location for the ultimate experience in exotic entertainment. Long Island, particularly the Hamptons and Montauk, is one of America’s top bachelor or bachelorette party destinations. Whether your party is in NYC or Montauk, you’ll be delighted with our New York strippers for hire.

Equally important, if you’re planning a destination bachelor party in the Hamptons, make sure to soak in the nightlife whilst enjoying your Hamptons bachelor party. Likewise, check out Bloomberg’s 2019 guide to the Hamptons for foodies. Similarly, the New York Post has a great guide to the Hamptons hottest summer party spots of 2019.

Male and Female Private Party Strippers for Hire

Book the hottest private party strippers for your New York bachelor party today. Most importantly, satisfaction is a given for all of our loyal customers.

So then, call or text Hamptons Strippers at (631) 480-6044 to book hot strippers for hire today!

Naturally, planning a bachelor party in Long Island or NYC comes with many advantages. First, the amazing food and nightlife. Second, the sprawling estates for rent on the east end for large bachelor and bachelorette parties. The Hamptons is by far New York’s top bachelor party location. Also, lucky for you we have the ultimate private entertainers to complete your experience for Your House Party

Book Best Exotic Dancers for Hire in New York

Similarly, we have something special for the ladies. As a female-led company, we know what you’re looking for when it comes to hiring exotic dancers for your Hamptons or Long Island bachelorette party. Our private male dancers for hire dress in costumes and perform according to the requests of your crowd.

You’ll be sure to love our male exotic dancer’s dynamic performance. If you desire a dramatic entrance, costume, or extra singles for tips make sure to request in advance. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have the party of a lifetime with your hot private dancer!

Make Your New York Party an Epic Event

In the first place, be sure to book Long Island’s best exotic entertainers for all occasions from Manhattan to Long Island’s east end, Montauk. First, choose your favorite private party strippers in Long Island or NYC. Second, review Hamptons Strippers New York bachelor party rates and packages. Finally, contact us to receive candid photos and videos of your exotic entertainers.

Also, peruse our site for the latest and greatest from our New York strippers, as well as tips and what to expect.

Hire Strippers From a Professional New York Company

Certainly, when planning a destination bachelorette or bachelor party in the Hamptons you have a lot on your plate. Between organizing, finding housing, and more…the last thing you want to worry about is being stuck without necessary exotic entertainment.

As a result, our New York strippers have spent years perfecting both scheduling and performance. We make sure our talent is on point, so that you can enjoy your much anticipated event.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Strippers in the Hamptons

Long Island offers a wide array of communities full of great food, nightlife, and more for bacheorette and bachelor parties.

Consequently, we want you to enjoy to most epic destination bachelor or bachelorette party. Similarly, you’ve chosen one of the most sought after places to have a bachelor party. Also, for good reason due to the many activities available in addition to booking hot strippers for hire in Long Island, New York. Most importantly, we strive to provide the most incredible exotic entertainment experience in the industry.

To summarize, do your homework when booking private strippers in New York. Many agents download and use our exotic dancer’s personal photos to sent to customers. Above all, choose a trustworthy New York based company. Also, ask for candid photos of your exotic dancers for hire.

Above all, enjoy an epic night with our epic exotic entertainers. Our staff has years of experience planning destination and local long Island bachelor parties. Long Island is home to many of the world’s most scenic beaches, best restaurants, and vibrant local nightlife. In summary, it’s the perfect place to host a bachelor party with the best Long Island strippers.

Guaranteed Perfect Exotic Dancers for Hire in New York

Call/Text (631) 480-6044

As always, feel free to contact us regarding any of your party planning needs, or for more information on booking the perfect bachelor or private party exotic entertainment in Long Island.

Bachelor Party Strippers Hamptons Strippers Long Island Strippers Private Strippers Strippers for Hire

Hamptons Strippers for Bachelor Parties & More – Private Strippers

Hamptons Strippers guarantees the sexiest strippers for hire in the Hamptons and Montauk of beautiful Long Island, New York. Planning a bachelorette or bachelor party in the Hamptons, Montauk, or Long Island? Indeed, you’ll want your party to sizzle with otherworldly male and female private exotic dancers.

Hamptons Strippers for Parties

First, choose your favorite private party strippers in the Hamptons and Long Island. Then, let us handle the rest. We have a lot of exciting new talent as of 2019, and anticipate a killer season full of bachelor party fun! Let us help you hire the perfect performers for your private occasion in eastern Long Island.

How to Hire Private Hamptons or Montauk Strippers

Not sure how to go about hiring Long Island strippers for your private party? Check out our more detailed guide on how-to book strippers for hire for everything you need to know about booking exotic dancers for private parties. Easily book private exotic dancers in the Hamptons or Long Island, New York.

While it may be true many adult entertainment agencies are ethical, given the nature of the industry it’s important to do your homework. For example, many companies have a strong online presence. In addition, hundreds of reviews. However, this is often a front.

Carefully Research Entertainment Agencies in the Hamptons, Montauk, and Long Island

Of course, the exotic entertainment industry attracts a varying degree of business practices. In truth, we have seen this trend rapidly increasing in the Hamptons and Montauk. Including several large and prominent agencies servicing Long Island.

To start with, be sure to ask for recent non-professional photos of your chosen dancers. In truth, any honest stripper agency with have candid shots of their male and female performers. Likewise, know how much your dancers for hire get paid. Therefore, you avoid the hidden costs and psychological challenges of potential exploitation. Trust us.

Request Amateur Photos of Your Favorite Bachelor Party Performers in the Hamptons or Montauk

Most importantly, be sure to book legitimate well-paid dancers who love their jobs and are happy to entertain. In spite of pristine online appearances and Google ad campaigns, many private stripper agencies are fronts for nefarious (often illegal) activity.

As a result, we at Hamptons Strippers pride ourselves on providing a dynamic and professional private bachelor party experience. In particular, we compensate our dancers very well, and have no need to send a “security guard” to your private event.

Book Exotic Entertainers for Hire With a Local Company in the Hamptons, Long Island

We are a local company (started by four models and loyal best friends) that employs only the best private performers in New York. In this case, we have the advantage of meeting all of our talent in person. Consequently, we only the most gorgeous, friendly, and talented exotic dancers for your Long Island bachelor party.

First of all, we guarantee a dynamic performance every time from our fabulous Long Island exotic dancers. Similarly, our private party strippers have fun and outgoing personalities to match their model looks. Have the night of your life with our gorgeous male and female entertainers. All private occasions…from Manhattan to Montauk, New York.

In addition, our exotic dancers are highly skilled performers who come fully prepared to rock your private party with more than just an expert routine. Of course, we know how important this special night is to you and your guests.  As a result, our private party dancers will make sure to help create the perfect experience. More importantly, one you and your friends will remember forever.

Hamptons and Montauk Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

Naturally, no bachelor party in New York would be complete without our amazing dancers. Therefore, we are happy to provide you with the most incredible female and male talent for bachelor parties or private gatherings.

Certainly, you want perfect exotic dancers for your private party. Let’s face it. For that reason, book with a local New York based company you can trust. In addition, we offer a money back guarantee and receive only perfect reviews.

Hamptons Strippers guarantees the most professional and experienced strippers for hire. Planning a bachelor party or private gathering? First of all, take a look at our photo gallery of exotic dancers for hire in Long Island. Next, check out our Hamptons Long Island bachelor party rates and packages for private bachelor party strippers. Finally, call Hamptons Strippers today to book the hottest adult entertainers. After all, you and your guests deserve the best!

  • Bachelor parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Guys night
  • Girls night
  • Divorce parties
  • Limo rides
  • Poker parties
  • Private strippers for couples

Additionally, if you’re planning a bachelor party or private event in the beautiful Hamptons or Montauk, check out our helpful guide to planning a bachelor or bachelorette party on the East End of Long Island. Furthermore, check out our main page for more extensive information regarding what to expect from your guaranteed to be amazing night, and how to prepare for your private dancer’s performance.

Private Party Entertainment for All Long Island and Hamptons Events

Above all, the team here at Hamptons Strippers aims for perfection because we value our loyal customers. All things considered, we understand most of our clients do not reside permanently in the Hamptons or Montauk. Therefore, we have expanded our private strippers territory into NYC in order to accommodate our loyal fan base outside of Long Island. Hence, our hot strippers for hire now travel to NYC, Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, as well as parts of Westchester and New Jersey. 

As a rule, we here at Hamptons Strippers meet all of our exotic dancers in person. In this case, we have the advantage of finding the best talent pool. As a result, we only hire a select few star performers. Consequently, we guarantee you and your guests will be extremely grateful you hired private strippers through us.

Let Us Rock Your Bachelorette or Bachelor Party in the Hamptons

Ordinarily, our performers follow a sexy and dynamic choreographed routine. For example, they start by hazing your guest of honor with a series of hilariously humiliating stunts. Next, they play several sexy games that are lively and highly interactive. Finally, our lovely private strippers perform a steamy 2-girl fantasy act. Also, you may skip parts of the routine and tailor the performance to the needs of your crowd.

Strippers for Hire from NYC to the Hamptons and Montauk for Bachelor Parties and Private Parties
Kat – One of our most popular private strippers for hire in NYC to the Hamptons and Montauk. Book her with Chanel for the ultimate dream team. Call or text 631-480-6044

Altogether, we guarantee the ultimate adult entertainment experience. In any event, our staff is trained to handle any private party situation professionally, with fun and flair. On the whole, you and your guests are able to customize your private dancer’s performance to suit the needs of your private or bachelor party guests.

Spice Up Any Private Party in the Hamptons or Long Island

As can be seen, the Hamptons, Montauk, and Long Island are areas full of natural beauty, spacious homes for rent on Airbnb, and plenty of lively nightlife venues. Likewise, check out Curbed Hamptons for the ultimate 2019 summer nightlife guide to the East End of Long Island.

In fact, our lovely entertainers are always on the up and up when it comes to Long Island and Hamptons nightlife. After all, we are the only local company, and our private dancers love a good night out on the town. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for advice on where to dine or dance the night away in lovely Long Island.

Hamptons Strippers for Hire

In essence, make sure to book through a local company you can trust. Also, we send real and candid pics without filters, so you know our private party performers are the real deal. Finally, book exotic dancers for hire with us, and enjoy a dream come true.

Hamptons Strippers for Hire

Strippers for Hire in Long Island- Hamptons Strippers

Finally, Hamptons Strippers is happy to announce we’ve expanded our territory to include NYC to accommodate our many NYC based customers, to whom we are eternally grateful!

Bachelor and Private Party Entertainers

Most importantly, contact us at 631-480-6044 to easily book the top exotic dancers for hire for bachelor parties and private events in the Hamptons, Long Island, and New York, NY.

Furthermore, we are here to help guide you through the process of planning an epic bachelor party with amazing private party performers. So, contact us today to book exclusive strippers for hire in the Hamptons, Long Island, NYC, and beyond.

In addition, continue perusing our site for expert advice on how to party like a pro with our smoking hot bachelor party dancers.

strippers for hire
Kat – Book Kat and Chanel for the ultimate fantasy duo – 631-480-6044

For the most part, planning a bachelor party in New York can be easy as pie when you find the right private adult entertainers for hire. Let us take the pressure off of you by putting on an incredible show for your bachelor party or event. Be a hero among your friends. Our party experts bring lights, props, games, and more so you can enjoy the ultimate bachelor party experience.

Male and Female Adult Entertainers

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Limo and Party Buses
  • Strip-o-Grams
  • Office Parties
  • Couples Entertainment
  • Guys Night
  • Girls Night
  • Much More

New to hiring private party strippers? First of all, here are some tips on preparing for your exotic dancers:

  • Designate a spacious room for the show
  • Arrange seating with the guest of honor in a “hot seat” in the center of the crowd
  • Keep a large blanket handy for floor-based activities, including girl on girl
  • Get involved! Our show is very interactive.
  • Designate a room for the girls to change in upon their arrival
  • Let our private strippers know if you need help choosing a musical playlist
  • Organize your tip money, from singles to higher denominations
  • Get ready for lots of fun and laughter
  • Refrain from taking photos or videos during the performance
  • Decide how wild you’d like your show to be, and plan to tip as you desire to upgrade or customize your experience

Be sure to call ask for recent, candid, unprofessional photos of your requested exotic dancers. Therefore, you know what to expect.

Our most popular bachelor party package in New York is the fantasy duo show, which includes two strippers, for two hours, and a killer show!

You’ll Love Our Bachelor Party Routine

  • The Hazing- our strippers for hire begin by “hazing” the bachelor or bachelorette, which can get wild and hilarious
  • Games- next, our lovely exotic dancers play a series of fun and sexy interactive games, keeping the main focus on the bachelor while allowing the rest of the crowd to participate
  • Girl on Girl or Double Trouble – our dancers get down on the floor with your guest of honor for a steamy interactive show with toys.
  • Lap Dances- either VIP style or around the room according to your preference
  • Toast- our hot strippers like to end the evening with a celebratory toast to the guest of honor

Furthermore, our lovely exotic dancers are open to special requests, inside jokes or pranks, surprises, and more. In addition, feel free to request an appropriate costume from your private party strippers.

First, take a look at our Hamptons Strippers photo gallery and choose your favorite strippers for hire. Next, review our rates and private party packages. Finally, call or text us to book the bachelor party strippers of your dreams… from Manhattan to Montauk, New York.

Lastly, if you’re planning a bachelor party in the Hamptons or Montauk, check out our guide to planning an epic Hamptons bachelor party.

Call or text 631-480-6044 for all inquiries regarding our private strippers for hire.

Hamptons Strippers Long Island Strippers Montauk Strippers NYC strippers Private Strippers Strippers for Hire

NYC & Long Island Strippers -Hamptons Strippers

New York Strippers

Strippers for Hire, NYC Strippers, Long Island Strippers, Hamptons or Montauk Exotic Dancers
NYC strippers, Strippers for Hire, Private Strippers Manhattan to Montauk, NY

Long Island Adult Entertainers for Hire

Hamptons Strippers is happy to announce our recent expansion. Thanks to popular demand we have expanded our service areas. Our sexy exotic dancers now travel to NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and beyond. Now you can enjoy our exclusive NYC strippers for hire with our famous Hamptons-style beauty and grace.

First, take a look at our private dancers photo gallery.

Then, contact us at (631) 480-6044

Most noteworthy, thanks to customer support we now provide the following:

  • NYC Strippers
  • Long Island Strippers
  • Hamptons Strippers
  • Queens Strippers
  • Nassau County Strippers
  • Suffolk County Strippers
  • Westchester Strippers
  • Hamptons Strippers
  • Montauk Strippers

Hamptons Strippers is currently offering specials on holiday parties, including discounts for booking multiple private strippers for multiple hours.

Therefore, spice up your holiday party with our hot performers!

In addition, our private party entertainers love to play dress-up, and have sexy holiday costumes galore! Naturally, our sexy Santa’s helpers will be everyone’s favorite gift!

For the most part, our exotic dancers seem too good to be true because they actually are!

As a rule, we are extremely selective in our hiring process. You’ll be stunned by the appearance of our private performers, as well as by their amazing personalities and dynamic performances to match.

In the meantime, if you’re planning a bachelor party in NYC, Long Island, or the Hamptons and Montauk trust Hamptons Strippers with all of your adult entertainment needs, In particular, let us help you with every aspect of planning your party beyond hiring private entertainment.

Likewise, contact us by phone, email, or text for advice on planning a bachelor party with the most amazing adult entertainent. After all, we are experts, and have seen it all.

In addition, review our rates and packages for bachelor parties in New York.

Above all, you want the finest  for your private party. Therefore, book with us for the hottest bachelor party entertainers Manhattan to Montauk! Also, take a look at our private party dancers photo gallery and choose your favorite performer.

Most importantly, Hamptons Strippers delivers only THE  #1 exotic dancers to transform any bachelor party into a dream come true. We assure your guests will be ecstatic you called. Furthermore, sit back, relax, and let Hamptons Strippers amaze you beyond your wildest dreams!

We are an honest local private stripper company formerly exclusive to the East End of Long Island. Our exotic dancers have recently expanded to NYC and beyond due to popular demand. For that reason, we pride ourselves on repeat customer satisfaction. Consequently, your guests get to marvel in enjoyment with our performers as they excitedly beg you to find a future occasion appropriate for re-booking.

Above all, we deliver the hottest exotic dancers in the Hamptons and Long Island guaranteed, or your money back! Trust us, you want only the best strippers for hire in NYC or the Hamptons and Long Island for your special event.

Private Dancers Manhattan to Montauk, NY

Take a look at our photo gallery of sexy exotic dancers in Long Island, New York. Afterwards, CALL/TEXT 631-480-6044 to order private strippers near you…

Enjoy the lovely East End, and rest assured your exotic dancers will be a dream come true. You’re in good hands with us, AND in one of America’s most beautiful bachelor party destinations: New York!

The Hamptons is a beautiful series of quaint hamlets along a pristine shoreline in eastern Long Island. The Hamptons is one of the best places to have a bachelor party. You and your guests will have the time of your lives on the lovely East End of Long Island, New York!

In addition to booking exotic dancers, Hamptons Strippers has all the inside info on planning the perfect bachelor party on the East End, Long Island, and NYC!

Need information about how to plan your bachelor party in the Hamptons? Even more, on successfully hiring private strippers? Hence, read on for Hamptons Strippers’ultimate guide to throwing a successful bachelor party.

Here are some of 2018’s hottest spots in the Hamptons and Montauk, New York:

  1. Southampton Social Club – This Southampton favorite has a back patio to die for, complete with vendors, hot DJ’s, and LOTS of room for you and your crowd to get down! Our personal favorite outdoor venue with private cabanas for rent.
  2. Elm & Main – The Jue Lan Club of Southampton hails from it’s flagship location in NYC, and turns into a hot dance club after dinner hours. Beautiful atmosphere
  3. Southampton Publick House – Great brewery, great happy hour, and killer brunch with outdoor seating available. A spacious spot with killer local brews and mouth-watering bar fare.
  4. AM Southampton – Formerly 1 Oak, this hot spot has a super cool graffiti wall and an even better summer music lineup!
  5. Gurney’s – This one may not be new, but it’s arguably Montauk’s best and most beautiful day party spot! This is a MUST if you are staying in Montuak. Check out their beach club, restautants, and happenings for upcoming DJ’s and musicians.
  6. The Montauk Beach House – Great poolside partying with famous DJ’s and fashion shows. This is another one not to be missed. Check out their lovely bar and grill. Also, check out “happenings” on their site for their 2018 event calendar.
  7. Stephen Talkhouse – One of the original venues in Amagansett boasting world-renowned musicians, a back patio, and a very cool laid back vibe. The owner is a philanthropist of sorts, and gives a lot back to the community. Talkhouse is the original and quintessential night club and a MUST for any Hamptons vacation.
  8. The Sloppy Tuna – We had to throw the Tuna in the mix! Primo place for a bachelor party crowd in the Montauk vicinity. Great realaxed, waterfront venue rumored to be great for picking up Hotties.

See our complete guide of things to do during your Hamptons stay, including local hot spots, top night life venues, as well as restaurants and local activities!

Also, call or email for advice on how to optimize your time with our bachelor private party  strippers. Planning a successful bachelor party is easy with Hamptons Strippers! Therefore, enjoy a stress free night knowing you’re in the best hands.

However, we do promise no hot spot in the Hamptons or New York will be as fun as our private strippers’ dynamic performance! However, be sure to allot ample time to your strippers for hire. We assure you they’ll be the highlight of your weekend!

Above all, Choose a Local Long Island Company

First, examine and enjoy our hot photo gallery of sexy strippers! Then, choose your favorites! Finally, call us to book the hottest private strippers in New York. You’ll see why we hold such high standards.

Contact us to book your favorite dancers, or for any questions regarding your bachelor party in the Hamptons and beyond.

Booking a bachelor party in the Hamptons can be challenging. For that reason, we’ve compiled a short list of tips below.

As a result, you’ll be fully prepared for your bachelor party or special occasion.

Most importantly, choose a house to host your bachelor party at wisely and always be respectful to the neighbors.

Our private strippers really know how to get a crowd roaring!

In addition, we personally know some locals with beautiful houses for rent. They cater to wild bachelor parties in the Hamptons or Montuak with exotic dancers. Be sure to ask about this special hook-up!

Furthermore, try to find the perfect home for rent for your bachelor party.

Once your venue is secured, call us to hire the best exotic dancers for hire from the Hamptons to Manhattan!

hamptons stippers, montuak strippers, private strippers for hire

Book private dancers in the Hamptons. Southampton, Montauk, East Hampton, Amagansett, Watermill,  Westhampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, Cutchogue, Long Island, Manhattan, NYC and beyond.

We Rock any Party from Montauk to NYC

Allow us to turn your home into a sexy VIP strip club!

We send real and un-touched pics, so you know exactly what to expect. Our private party performers for hire also bring lights, singles, music, games, toys, and more!

Perfect 10 entertainers to your party every time!

hamptons strippers, montuak strippers, private strippers in the Hamptons
Kat – Hamptons Strippers_ Chanel’s Partner – 631-480-4044 Book the duo fantasy night!

Also, continue reading below for our Q & A on what to expect from your private exotic dancers. Similarly, how to prepare for your show. Therefore, you’re prepared!

Why should you settle for anything less than THE hottest dancers for hire for bachelor parties and events? Nobody else offers exclusive Hamptons and Montuak strippers all the way to New York, NY. Therefore, call Hamptons Strippers today!

In conclusion, we promise the ultimate bachelor party experience with private strippers in the Hamptons, NYC, and Long Island. We treat every bachelor party like it was our own. Your guests will be happy you chose us!

Maybe your bachelor party requires more than one dancer? The more the merrier!

Two hot exotic dancers are ALWAYS better than one! 

Smaller crowds may only require one private dancer. However, some still prefer two dancers for double the fun. Let us make your night a success, no matter the size of your Hamptons party! 

Also, allow Hamptons Strippers to help with the details. Most importantly, we guarantee to show you and your crowd an amazing time. In conclusion, you’re in good hands with us!

Most noteworthy, we will ROCK your bachelor party in Hamptons like you’d never imagine…all the way to NYC.

hamptons strippers, montuak strippers for hire
Hamptons Strippers – Chanel – CALL/TEXT 631-480-6044

Original Hamptons Adult Entertainment

We’ve been providing exotic dancers for bachelor parties in the Hamptons, Montauk, and Long Island for years before expanding to NYC. Our customers stick with us for every future party in the Hamptons, Long Island and New York, NY. Trust Hamptons Strippers with all of your exotic entertainment needs.

Call/Text 631-480-6044 for more photos and information about our strippers for hire.

We also pride ourselves on posting and sending recent, candid photos of our exotic dancers to prospective clients.

Our aim is always customer satisfaction, and a good time for all!

Let our strippers bring the party to YOUR house in the Hamptons and beyond.

Furthermore, we bring lights, singles, music, and the sexy FUN to spice up your bachelor party!

Above all, have the night of your life with Hamptons Strippers!

Furthermore, enjoy a dynamic performance like no other by our talented exotic dancers!

Let us take the pressure of off of you. As a result, have the greatest bachelor party ever!

Our staff  will ensure you and your guests are happy with your experience!

We care about our clients. Therefore, we work to ensure you receive highly personalized treatment.

Your bachelor party is important far beyond exotic dancers!

Are you wondering how this all works? We won’t give away too much of the surprise here…but we’ll prepare you for the fun in your future.

Here’s some tips on preparing for your private strippers:

First, think about the size and desires of your crowd to determine how many exotic dancers you will need, and for how many hours. Even more, think about the type of performance you want.

Then, check out our photo gallery, and pick one extra stripper as backup in case your first choice isn’t available.

Finally, call us to arrange the time of your life!

For exotic dancer rates and packages for a bachelor party in NYC, Long Island, and the Hamptons, look here for more information.

We travel to:

  • Hampton Bays
  • Westhampton
  • Westhampton Beach
  • Southampton
  • Bridgehampton
  • Watermilll
  • East Hampton
  • Amagansett
  • Sag Harbor
  • Montuak
  • Quogue
  • East Quogue
  • Anywhere on the East End, Long Island, and NYC.

There’s no bachelor party too big, or too far east for our hot private strippers. Therefore, hire exotic dancers in New York with Hamptons Strippers. Your guests will thank you.


A) What should you expect from your Hamptons Strippers performance?:

  1. First, our exotic dancers haze the bachelor, or guest of honor. This is always hilarious, and fun for the entire crowd.
  2.  Next, our gorgeous Hamptons strippers play sexy interactive games that include everyone and hype up the crowd.
  3. Then, our lovely ladies perform a steamy 2-girl show with your guest of honor front and center!
  4. Finally, our hot Hamptons strippers perform public and private lap dances for all!

***this standard 2-hour fantasy show can be modified to suit the needs of your bachelor party crowd

B) Is tipping included in the price?

While gratuity is never expected in any service industries, the show does involve some tipping for dramatic effect and an upgraded experience. Also, tipping gets the entire group involved in the fun! Naturally, show upgrades are available as well through additional tipping!

C) Will my strippers stay longer upon request?

This is a common question, and understandably so. You never know how wild and fun your party will get with our hot private strippers for hire. Frankly, it all depends on the girls’ schedules that night. Our exotic dancers love to stay over-time whenever their schedule permits it.

You will always get a little extra time and love with Hamptons Strippers, regardless!

D) How do I prepare for my private strippers?

This one is easy! Before the girls arrive, designate a changing area for them (preferably with an easily accessible bathroom). If you’d like to play your own music, make sure that music is appropriate for a hot strip-show. Or, let our dancers be the DJ.

Our exotic dancers bring their own music, lights, and singles…just in case!

Most importantly, prepare an area for the girls to perform with seats facing around. This may include a hot seat for the bachelor, or guest of honor. In addition, set some mood lighting, and retrieving a blanket for the girls to perform tricks on the floor.

For additional questions and/or requests contact us.

Tips for a successful event:

  1. Make sure to schedule your time to hit the town, or fish, around your time to party hard with our hot Hamptons strippers – it’s a marathon, not a sprint
  2. Be careful of noise ordinance, depending on where you’re staying. Nobody wants to answer a noise complaint amidst naked private strippers
  3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN, and enjoy your bachelor party in the lovely Hamptons or Montauk with our sizzling Hamptons strippers

A couple of more things to consider include finding an appropriate private lap dance room, making sure you’re stocked on booze and cash, and do your best to keep the temperature comfortable.

Our girls can really heat up a room!

Also, make sure your crowd refrains from taking photos or videos while our strippers are at your bachelor party. This is for your own safety as well.

Hamptons Strippers has you covered on every aspect of your bachelor party in the Hamptons, Long Island or New York City! From hiring THE top Hamptons and Montauk strippers, to ensuring your Hamptons party is epic…we’ve got you covered!

First of all, take a look at our professional dancers photo gallery of strippers for hire. Then, check out our rates and packages for private parties in Long Island. Finally, contact us to work out the details. We ensure the experience of a lifetime.

Furthermore, don’t  forget our guide to partying in the Hamptons and Montuak for local hot spots on the East End.

For a night to remember forever CALL TEXT 631-480-6044 and hire our hot strippers in the Hamptons, Montuak, Long Island and New York, NY. Be sure to book only the best for your bachelor party with Hamptons Strippers. In addition, you may email us at: Most importantly, have the best bachelor party ever with our hot private strippers for hire!

exotic dancers Hamptons Strippers Montauk Strippers NYC strippers Private Strippers Strippers for Hire

Exotic Dancers for Hire | Long Island to Montauk

Reserve the most gorgeous and talented private exotic dancers for hire for your Long Island bachelor party with Hamptons Strippers. Our hot Long Island strippers are professional private party performers, thus guaranteed to stun even the most timid guest at your bachelor party in the Hamptons or Long Island.

Private Exotic Dancers for Hire Long Island

exotic dancers, strippers for hire in the Hamptons and Montauk

Our local strippers will make your Hamptons bachelor party one to remember fondly forever! Hamptons Strippers serviced the Hamptons and Montuak exclusively before adding a select few NYC strippers to our close team. For example, we service: Southampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, Watermill, Bridgehamton, Sag Harbor, Hampton Bays, and Montauk strippers. NYC strippers too!

Give us a call to book hot private party strippers to your house!

CALL/TEXT 631-480-6044 to easily hire private strippers in New York!

Click here for our gallery of gorgeous private exotic dancersfor hire in the Hamptons and Long Island from Montauk to the city.

Long Island Strippers for Rent to Your House

Our exotic dancers in the Hamptons (respectfully) turn your home into a strip club! Have your very own private stripper party with our gorgeous exotic dancers in the Hamptons NY.

See our gallery of private strippers in the Hamptons.

CALL/Text  631-480-6044

Hottest strippers for your bachelor party in the Hamptons and Montauk.

exotic dancers, private strippers in the hamptons
Hamptons Strippers – Shannon

Call 1-866-516-5128 or CALL/TEXT 1-631-480-604

Let Hamptons Strippers private dancers rock your bachelor party in Long Island!

exotic dancers, strippers for hire in the Hamptons and Montauk
REAL PICS – Chanel – 631-480-6044

Hamptons Strippers hires only the most qualified exotic dancers in New York since 2012. Let our strippers for hire make your Hamptons bachelor party an epic event!

Call 1-866-516-5128 or 1-631-480-6044

If you haven’t already, here’s another look at our Hamptons strippers Long Island strippers photo gallery for private exotic dancers in NYC, the Hamptons, Montauk. Of course, including East Hampton, Southampton, Hampton Bays, Watermill, and the entire East End of beautiful Long Island, NY.

Book the hottest girls for your bachelor party or event with Hamptons Strippers! Servicing Manhattan all the way to to Montauk! More about Hamptons Strippers. 

Our exotic dancers come prepared. We could turn a blow-out sausage fest of a sporting event into an exclusive high-end affordable personal Long Island VIP strip club.

Hamptons Strippers features sexy 2-girl fantasy acts, bachelor hazing hilarity, props and other super fun party favors, including interactive games and more!

Our strippers for hire are perfect 10’s.

As an upscale exotic entertainment company dealing with celebrity and high-end bookings, we only hire the top private party strippers in the Hamptons , Long Island. We understand planning a bachelor party can be challenging in itself. Thus, we encourae you to sit back and relax and let our hot bachelor party strippers make your night unforgettable.

In addition, we’ve compiled a list of data in the form of a  guide to help you through the process of booking a bachelor party in the Hamptons or Long Island with private bachelor party strippers for hire.

See our bachelor party planning page for more advice

Feel free to call 1-866-516-5128 or 1-631-480-6044 for additional help and info.

Our staff understands this night is very special to you. Our exotic dancers tailor their performance to the specific needs of your private party crowd.

Only the hottest strippers for hire for your bachelor party! Hot Local strippers for hire to spice up ANY bachelor party in the Hamptons or NYC.

Our Hamptons strippers are not only hot and talented, they have bubbly personalities that will win the hearts of you and your guests.

Our routine is professionally choreographed.

It ranges from tame to wild depending on your preference.

We tailor our performance to your request. Let our gorgeous Hamptons strippers know of any special requests upon their arrival. We guarantee to make your party a huge success.

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party in the Hamptons, or simply having a get-together with friends…our private party strippers have you covered.

For more information on houses to rent for your bachelor party in the Hamptons try and Long Island Craigslist’s vacation rentals.

Hot Private Strippers

Our staff will go the extra mile to ensure you and your party guests have an amazing night with our private party strippers. Our strippers customize their performance to meet your needs. We are an honest company and guarantee you’ll be happy you called Hamptons Strippers.

Bachelor Parties
Birthday Parties
Divorce Parties
Corporate Events
Golf Outings
Sporting Events
Christmas Parties
Guys’ Night

Our private strippers provide a dynamic show intended to keep our clients coming back for more. Your guests will thank you for booking with Hamptons Strippers.

Call 1-866-516-5128 or 1-631-480-6044 for fast response

Here is some information on our exotic dancers standard performance, so you know what to expect.

Our typical bachelor party show contains 4 parts, all of which will keep you and your guests on the edge of their seats.

Standard shows begin with a “hazing” of your guest of honor. Your crowd is sure to love this comical introduction.

Next, our sexy girls reward your guest of honor with a sensual multi-girl dance. Followed by a series of fun and sexy activities during which he/she remains the main focus.

After this, our bachelor party strippers involve the crowd with a series of interactive games. Some examples include ring toss, ear muffs, and pin the tail on the ball and chain.

These activities are sure to keep your guests laughing the entire time. We also offer a raffle in which the winner receives a multi-girl dance with our hot Hamptons / Montauk strippers. The winner also has the option to forfeit the prize to the bachelor, or his or her guest of choice.

After a short intermission, our exotic dancers prepare for a steamy 2-girl act that will leave you in awe. Finally, our private strippers show the crowd some love with dances all around!

All standard shows can be modified to suit your preferences. Have a look at out our rates and bachelor party packages in NYC, the Hamptons and Montauk, and Long island.

Hamptons Strippers offers something for everyone!

Our local strippers care about the success of your bachelor party in NYC, the Hamptons, Montauk, or Long Island. Our exotic dancers work extra hard to meet the needs of your crowd. You will be glad you called!

Call 1-866-516-5128 or 1-631-480-6044 for speedy service

Disclaimer: Hamptons Strippers does not offer any illegal services.