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Let’s face it, hiring private party strippers can be a daunting task. Not to mention, when it comes to bachelorette and bachelor parties. After all, you only get married once…right? Or, so we can hope (some of us, anyway). Furthermore, along the pressure of avoiding the ever-so-popular bait and switch, comes fear of the utter unknown. Who is really going to show up? Will there be a strange man standing in the corner. Or, worse, hoovering over you.

Nevertheless, there are companies that do provide honest services and top notch strippers for hire without any surprise antics or other buzzkills. Therefore, we at Hamptons Strippers of New York created this guide full of information and tips on booking private dancers. From what to expect and how to prepare, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled years of data from professional private strippers for hire in the NYC and Long Island areas to present you with this guide. Consequently, read on to upgrade any exotic entertainment experience. No matter where you are, or what your occasion is. Easily plan a private party with hot strippers.

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How to Hire Private Strippers

In a vast sea of flash-heavy exotic entertainment agency websites, you will come across a lot of suspect photos of “performers.” Surely, these photos will leave you perplexed as to whether or not these are real entertainers. Furthermore, it will make you wonder what kind of performers are actually going to show up. Most importantly, when choosing private strippers for hire, make sure the agency has several clear photos of each performer. Also, make sure the agent isn’t displaying 100 exotic dancers in every location. The fact is, even here in New York, the number of desirable private entertainers is small. Likewise, an intimate group of ladies and gentlemen. In addition, you want a clear and recent selfie or non-professional photo to avoid any confusion. This should not be a problem if the agent has a good relationship with the talent.

The first step is choosing the right agency

First off, we suggest book with a local agent. Or, an agent who has a clear established personal relationship with their talent. Preferably, find an agent willing to send you additional photos of the strippers for hire in your location. After all, if an agent has a personal relationship with his or her performers, they’ll possess a few candid shots or selfies of them. If not, you’ll probably want to move along.

In addition, local agents know the lay of the land in your bachelor party locale. For example, here in New York we have heavy traffic in NYC and the boroughs. In addition, we cover secluded destinations like the Hamptons and Long Island. These areas of New York require local expertise to navigate scheduling. Also, to avoid overbooking. Taking local road conditions and other factors into account are especially important here in New York. Certainly, when it comes to scheduling our exotic dancers.

Plan a Private Party with Strippers

Above all, once you find an entertainment agency you can trust, the rest is smooth sailing. Moreover, the farther you plan in advance, the more strippers for hire you’ll have to choose from. Similarly, if you plan too far in advance, unexpected events may occur in the interim. For example, a change in plans or venue. Therefore, we advise you to book your private or bachelor party strippers at least two weeks in advance. Preferably, four to six.

Planning a private or bachelor party on the fly last minute? Professional agencies will accommodate you. However, in this situation it’s important to be flexible on time. Usually, we agents and exotic dancers have no problem with last minute bookings. Again, scheduling flexibility is the key to a successful last minute bachelor party or event.

Things to Consider When Booking Private Dancers

It is recommended you think carefully about your chosen start time. As well as how it will best fit in with other planned events. Also, you’ll want to consider how early in the day you start drinking. For example, you don’t want entertainers to arrive at your bachelor party when your crew is passing out. Similarly, you don’t want them to arrive before your guests get settled. In addition, you’ll want to give your strippers for hire a thirty minute window. All things considered, choose a time when your guests are likely to have the most fun with the strippers.

If you already have a location locked in, great! You’ll want to consider its proximity to neighbors. Also, consider noise ordinance. Remember, the size of your party is another factor in noise level. If you’re using, or another vacation rental site, don’t be afraid ask questions. After all, it’s better to not have the actual cops at your bachelor party. Although, our male or female performers will dress like sexy cops if requested.

Preparing for Your Strippers for Hire

Now that you’ve gotten the planning kinks worked out, it’s time to party! Besides, at this point you’ve earned some fun. Especially the kind with hot exotic dancers for hire. At this time, you’ll want to prepare your house or venue for your performers. Of course, your dancer will walk you through a quick setup upon arrival. However, it’s good to be as prepared as possible to get the show going. As a rule, it’s also good to think about your music situation. Are you the type to prepare a playlist in advance? Would you rather your entertainers choose?

Usually, your private party strippers start the show by “hazing” your guest of honor. From bachelor parties to birthday parties, this is always a surefire way to get a crowd going. No guest of honor? Don’t worry. The right professional strippers for hire have a choreographed performance for every situation. Similarly, you can also hire private strippers for mingling events and casual private parties, where less performing is necessary. Thus, be sure to discuss the details of your private party with your booking agent. Again, be sure to prepare your venue for your private strippers performance. Don’t forget extra leg room for moves and tricks.

Prepare an Area for Your Stripper’s Performance

First, find an area large enough to accommodate long-legged strippers in stilettos. Our goal here is to avoid an unplanned trip to the ER. Next, grab a chair without arms and a blanket. The aforementioned is especially relevant for bachelor parties, as well as parties with one guest of honor. Consequently, this is your “hot seat.” Also, make sure there’s enough room for all of your guests to gather around. And again, don’t forget your blanket for floor tricks! In a pinch, a restaurant tablecloth will work.

Another thing to remember is to designate a private changing area for your strippers for hire. Preferably, one with a restroom or adjacent to one. The more comfortable your hired talent is, the more fun everyone will have. Your dancers are there to perform! As a result, gather round and enjoy the show. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the epic night you put so much effort into planning.

Tipping Your Private Strippers for Hire

Tipping is not only fun for everyone (think, making it rain for example). It’s also a way for all of your guests to get involved in the performance. In addition to this, tipping also offers the opportunity to upgrade your experience. Thus, how wild you want to get is completely at your discretion. Professional private dancers have many ways of tailoring their performance to suit the preferences of your crowd. In addition, ask your dancers before or upon arrival for any special requests.

All things considered, it’s best to have several denominations of bills for tipping at bachelor parties and certain other events. Especially at private parties where you’d require a more wild than mild performance. In any event, it’s always best to be prepared for the former in any occasion. Usually, private strippers travel with a bankroll of singles. However, many party planners choose to make a trip to the bank on their own. Again, you can never be too prepared for a bachelor party or event with hot strippers for hire.

Guide to Hiring Bachelor Party Strippers

When planning a bachelorette or bachelor party, extra attention should be paid to your setup and preparation for the ultimate experience. Keep things light and fun, and don’t be afraid to participate. Also, encourage your guests to participate. Keeping the energy and participation levels up for all guests ensures an optimal experience.

Of course, there’s always something special for the ladies. As a female-led agency it’s been our experience that women (and many of you gentlemen as well) are excellent planners and know what they want. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about…

Bachelorette and bachelor parties often require a bit more planning and perfection. While you always want to find the perfect strippers for hire, being best man or maid of honor isn’t an honor to take lightly. Therefore, you want to take great care in selecting private entertainers for bachelor parties. We recommend the two-girl fantasy show for those looking for female strippers for hire. Similarly, for the ladies with large crowds we highly recommend 2 male strippers.

Book Two Strippers for Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties aren’t the only parties that would benefit from hiring two strippers rather than one. Two is always better than one! Especially for large parties, or those of you that just like to get wild.

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, birthday bash, or divorce soiree it’s fun and easy to hire private strippers. For instance, private strippers for hire can liven up sports events, limo rides, and more. Be sure to take the aforementioned information into account, and enjoy an epic night with hot strippers for hire.

Wherever you are, follow this advice for a smooth and sexy party with hot private strippers!

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